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This app will find out if there is a coronavirus near you, know which country made it and how it works.

Coronavirus (coronavirus), which has become synonymous with panic all over the world, including China, is being called by the scientists as COVID-19. There is no break of this virus that is transmitted from humans to humans, nor has any treatment been found so far. But recently China has launched a new app, called ‘close contact detector’, for the purpose of dealing with coronavirus. This app informs the user that they are in the vicinity of the infected person or suspected to be infected around him. Apart from this, the user can also find out whether he is at risk of coronavirus or not.

The Chinese government, in collaboration with China Electronic Technology Group Corporation and the National Health Commission, has created this close contact detector, which tells the user that there is a coronavirus-infected person nearby. This app also tells about the confirmation and suspicious of a person infected with coronavirus. The Department of Health and Transport of China has supported this app.

How does it works:

For information on this app launched on February 8, users only need to scan a QR code on their smartphone on AliPlay, WeChat or QQ. After which the user will first need to link their phone number, after which they enter their government ID and name, after which the application can be used to check the status of up to 3 ID numbers.

Who are included:

APP TO FIND CORONAVIRUS NEAR YOU | How it WorksThe ‘close contact’ includes people working together, children sitting in classrooms, people living in the same house, as well as medical professionals working with patients.

Questions raised about privacy:

There is no clear information on how the app works, but the need for an ID number has raised many questions regarding people’s privacy as the Chinese government is known to have a high level of surveillance on its citizens.

Advise people to stay in homes:

People suffering from coronavirus are advised to stay indoors and away from public places. People have been advised to visit the doctor directly if they see any type of symptom along with taking precautionary measures like washing hands and wearing masks to avoid infection.

What is coronavirus:

APP TO FIND CORONAVIRUS NEAR YOU | How it WorksCoronovirus is a part of the virus family, which can cause many serious diseases ranging from common cold. Coronavirus is zoonotic, which means that it spreads through contact with animals. Two serious coronavirus conditions are Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome and Sewer Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The situation of coronavirus in China is getting worse, more than 1750 people have died in the country and more than 70 thousand people are vulnerable. China has installed equipment to detect the virus in hospitals, airports and many other places. At the same time, WHO has also issued several guidelines to deal with this situation. However, the situation does not seem to be under control. Health officials say that to reduce the possibility of the virus spreading to the world, its diagnosis is very important.


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