Normal Hemoglobin A1C Level

Normal Hemoglobin A1c Level

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Last updated on December 14th, 2023

Today in this article, we are going to discuss the Normal Hemoglobin A1C Level.

The hemoglobin A1c test reveals to you the normal degree of glucose in the last 2 to 3 months. It is additionally called HbA1c, glycated hemoglobin test, and glychemoglobin. 

Individuals who have diabetes need to step through this examination consistently to check whether their level is remaining inside the range. This can advise on the off chance that you have to modify your diabetes drugs. The A1c test is likewise used to analyze diabetes. 

What is hemoglobin? 

Hemoglobin is a protein found in red platelets. It gives blood it’s red shading, and its capacity is to convey oxygen all through your body. 

How the test function?

Glucose in your blood is called glucose. At the point when glucose develops in your blood, it ties hemoglobin to your red platelets. The A1c test quantifies how much glucose is bound. 

Red platelets live for around 3 months, so the test shows the normal level of glucose in your blood throughout the previous 3 months. 

In the event that your glucose levels have been high lately, your hemoglobin A1c test will be higher. 

Hemoglobin A1c Chart:-

A1c (%) Average Blood Sugar (mg/dL)

What is a normal hemoglobin A1c level test? 

For individuals without diabetes, the hemoglobin a1c normal range is somewhere in the range of 4% and 5.6%. A hemoglobin A1c level somewhere in the range of 5.7% and 6.4% implies that you are bound to create diabetes. 6.5% or more significant level methods you have diabetes. 

Hemoglobin A1c Range: 

  •  6.5 % or higher  –  Diabetes
  •  5.7 % to 6.4 %   –  Prediabetes
  •  Below 5.7 %      –  Normal

Defining Goals for A1c Level :

The objective A1c level for individuals with diabetes is normally under 7%. The higher the A1c level, the higher the danger of entanglements identified with diabetes. 

A mix of diet, exercise, and medicine can cut your levels down. 

Individuals with diabetes ought to experience the A1c test at regular intervals to guarantee that their glucose is inside their objective range. In the event that your diabetes is under great control, you might have the option to stand by longer between blood tests. Be that as it may, specialists suggest checking, in any event, two times per year. 

Individuals with maladies that influence hemoglobin, for example, sickness, may get deluding results with this test. Different things that can influence the after-effects of hemoglobin A1c to incorporate enhancements, for example, nutrients C and E, and elevated cholesterol levels. Kidney illness and liver infection can likewise influence the test.


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