Hemoglobin Normal Range by Age

Hemoglobin Normal Range by Age

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Today in this article, we are talking about Hemoglobin Level Normal Range by Age.

Hemoglobin is a very important part of our body which is found on red blood cells. It is a protein molecule made up of four proteins that help it perform a function. It plays a very important role in carrying oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues and it returns carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs. Normal hemoglobin level is very essential for the health of the human body.

There are many factors of hemoglobin. Age is one of the factors.

Hemoglobin Normal Range in Male:

  • 14.5 g / dL or dl over 12-18 years old
  • 15.5 g / dL or dl over 18 years

Hemoglobin Normal Range in Female:

  • 14.0 g / dL over 12-18 years old
  • 14.0 g / dL over 18 years

Men’s hemoglobin increases well over a period of time, but women’s hemoglobin does not change over time. There may be some differences in averages and estimates. So a woman’s hemoglobin level remains the same until it decreases, if it increases it can lead you to serious problems such as diabetes is the most common disease known worldwide.

Normal Hemoglobin Level For Baby:

The level of hemoglobin in the child depends on a number of definite causes and normal hemoglobin is necessary for the child because if it is not, it leads to many diseases. But this hemoglobin is verified and can be accepted by both men or women.

Baby Normal Hemoglobin Level Range:

At birth16.55 g / dl
Less than a month13.92 g / dl
1-2 months11.25 g / dl
2-6 months12.64 g / dl
0.6–2 years12 g / dl
2-6 years12.5 g / dl
6-12 years13.5 g / dl
Baby Normal Hemoglobin Level Chart


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