How to Increase Hemoglobin level quickly

How to Increase Hemoglobin Level Quickly

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Today in this article, we are telling you that how you can increase your hemoglobin level quickly.

Your body’s hemoglobin levels must be maintained at an optimal level. If you can increase the level of hemoglobin in your blood by using natural remedies.

The hemoglobin present in the blood has a big responsibility to transfer oxygen from the lungs to another part of the body.

Have you ever wondered why your blood is red in color? Why do some people have dark red colors and some have bright red blood? Well,  the response to that question is extremely basic. There are 3 main types of cells in our blood that are red blood cells (RBCs), also known as erythrocytes, white blood cells (WBCs), also known as leukocytes, and platelets as thrombocytes. Red blood cells or RBCs have a special pigment known as hemoglobin that imparts color to our blood.

What is Hemoglobin?       

Hemoglobin is derived from two words “heme” which refers to iron and “globin” which refers to protein. So, hemoglobin is made up of two parts which are iron and protein. The iron part of hemoglobin gives our blood a characteristic red color. Hemoglobin is denoted as Hb. So, we can define hemoglobin as the protein part of blood that helps in carrying oxygen in all the cells of our body.

Hemoglobin is a very important part of red blood cells that maintains its shape. The concave has its natural shape and does not have any cell components like the nucleus present in it which makes it easier for RBCs to pass through narrow blood vessels.

How to quickly increase the hemoglobin level?  

1. Iron Supplement Pills :

The important part of hemoglobin is iron and that is why many doctors recommend some iron supplement pills available in the market. Iron deficiency directly causes a decrease in hemoglobin level.

A. Carbonyl iron:

It is a dietary supplement, prescribed for iron deficiency and iron-deficiency anemia.

B. Cyanocobalamin or Vitamin B12:

It is used to treat anemia and folic acid deficiency and many more diseases.

C. Ferrous Sulfate:

It is useful for anemia.

2. Diet change:

A. Fruits:

Some fruits available in the market are one of the best natural sources of iron which will help in increasing your Hemoglobin level.

B. Sun-dried tomato:

100 grams Tomatoes contain 9.1 mg of iron. Eat 2 tomatoes every day, this increases your iron content easily.

Note: It is not easy to eat only sun-dried tomatoes, so include it in your daily curries and soups.

C. Dried Apricots:

100 grams of dried apricot contains 6.3 mg of iron. You can eat fresh apricots but after drying them you can store them for months.

D. Raisins:

100 grams of raisins contain 3 mg of iron. It is considered one of the best sources of iron. To increase the amount of hemoglobin, eat it daily in the morning.

E. Persimmons:

100 grams of persimmon contains 2.5 mg of iron. They are orange-colored seasonal fruits that resemble tomatoes.

F. Mulberry:

100 grams of mulberry contains 1.8 mg of iron. Mulberry is a great fruit to include in your iron-rich diet.

G. Date:

100 grams of dates contains 1 mg of iron. It is a highly nutritious fruit and is often taken by pregnant women.
Note: Diabetics have to avoid it.

H. Pomegranate

100 grams of pomegranate contains 0.3 mg of iron. This fruit is by far the best fruit for hemoglobin lowering diseases. It is said that a pomegranate in the day keeps anemia away!

I. Watermelon:

100 grams of watermelon contains 0.2 milligrams of iron. It is a refreshing summer fruit that contains lots of nutrients. It is a great fruit to increase your hemoglobin.

J. Apple

Since childhood, you must have heard the saying that ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away!’ This is a very correct saying because apple is full of useful nutrients. Eat an apple daily to keep blood problems away.

K. Vegetables:

Green vegetables are always recommended for various diseases and for natural home remedies as they are full of minerals and nutrients.

3. Good veggies to promote hemoglobin are-

A. Mushroom:

Different dishes include mushrooms in a diet that includes iron.

B. Peas:

100 grams of green peas contains 1.4 mg of iron. Add peas to your daily vegetables or eat them raw depends on you, but it will help your hemoglobin a lot.

C. Beans:

It is a widely disgusting food by your children but very useful for hemoglobin deficiency. Beans are rich in iron. Make its soup or eat it in your vegetable but don’t skip it! The best source is the soybean.

D. Spinach:

As seen in the popular show Poppe, it is a very useful food item. You can eat it as a veggie or extract its juice and make delicious smoothies!

G. Broccoli:

This leafy vegetable contains an appropriate 0.66 mg of iron per 91 grams. Broccoli is also replenished with immune-enhancing vitamin C, vitamin K for normal blood clots, and folate, essential for cell repair.

H. Brussel Sprout:

A cup of raw Brussels sprouts contains 1.23 mg of iron. Brussels sprouts are also rich in vitamin C which helps to boost our body’s immune system, vitamin K for wound healing, and vitamin A for night vision.

4. Increase vitamin C intake:

Hemoglobin deficiency may be indirectly related to low levels of calcium in the blood. You need a lot of vitamin C to absorb iron. So eat more calcium-rich foods like papaya, oranges, lemons, strawberries, bell peppers, broccoli, grapes, tomatoes, and spinach.

You can likewise take Vitamin C supplements after a proposal from your primary care physician.

5. Include Folic Acid in Your Diet:

Folic acid is a B-complex vitamin required to make red blood cells. So when you have a deficiency of folic acid, it will automatically lead to a low hemoglobin level.

Some outstanding nourishment wellsprings of folic corrosive are green verdant vegetables, liver, rice, grows, dried beans, wheat germ, invigorated oats, peanuts, bananas, broccoli, and liver. You can also take 200 to 400 mg of folic acid supplements daily after consulting your doctor.

6. Nettle:

Nettle is an herb that plays a major role in increasing hemoglobin levels. It is a good source of iron, vitamin B, vitamin C as well as other vitamins that can help increase hemoglobin.

Put 2 teaspoons of dried nettle leaves in a cup of warm water. Let it brew for 10 minutes. Strain it and then add a little honey. Drink it twice daily. Nettle is also considered a superfood for curing arthritis.

7. Do exercise

Exercise is a very useful method to deal with various diseases. When you are exercising, the need for oxygen increases. This powers the body to deliver more red blood cells (RBC).

8. Legumes:

Legumes are additionally significant in the event that you need to increase the level of hemoglobin in your body.

All beans are rich in iron and the beans that should be consumed are:

  • Beans
  • Gram
  • Black beans
  • Black Eyed Peas

All these beans and all other beans contain iron. So, consume these beans regularly.

9. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are also very helpful for increasing the level of hemoglobin in your blood. It also contains iron. So, you can eat them raw or you can also add it to the salad. These are really helpful and very easy to consume.

Some additional suggestions to increase your hemoglobin level are as follows:

  • Avoid gluten-rich foods.
  • Eat whole-grain bread, cereal.
  • Eat more iron-rich food after menstruation and during pregnancy.
  • If your energy levels are low, avoid eating more stimulants.
  • Wash up twice day by day to improve blood flow.
  • Avoid iron-blocking foods that slow the absorption of iron such as tea, coffee, alcohol, etc.
  • Avoid foods with excessive oxalic acid.
  • Get your blood cell count checked regularly.
  • Avoid extra calcium-rich food.
  • Eat a healthy nutritious diet.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy !!

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